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    Hey :)

    The hotspot is dependant on the kernel, ou are correct there. Since stock is... stock and not modded, there aren't any fixes included.

    In other words: to use the mobile hotspot, you need to use the ironkernel

    On IronMan 2.0.0...

    1. I don't see the option in IronControl to set volume keys to media

    2. Any specific way to get V4A working (with SuperSU)? Every time I open the app, it requires driver to be installed which it does, then after re-boot it asks again.

    Thanks as always for the great work!

    1. Yes because it's not included in oreo

    2. You need to ask this in the viper forum. I can tell you that magisk works fine with the viper magisk module. However with supersu I simply don't know

    FlashKernel V1.2.1:

    - Updated to latest linux 4.9.109

    - Updated EAS (Energy Aware Scheduler) to latest r1.5

    - Changes there are:

    - Removal of sched-freq (mainline schedutil should be used instead)

    - Basic support for DynamIQ DSU little-sync support (min frequency capping)

    - Improved performance for 'EnergyDiff' calculation

    - Immediate force-migration of misfit tasks

    Firts, thank you very much for reply. I really really love your ROMs.

    CSC Selection doesn't has ARO 😥

    I take this opportunity to ask you if you know if any development will continue your work with S8

    Of course it is. It's part of the OMX multi csc which contains almost all csc files.

    I have sold the s8 due to time limitations. I won't be able to develop for it any longer

    The issue only happens with odex, not with deodexed (and most likely only with some settings in framework romcontrol enabled)

    With odex, all framework mods DON'T work, why? Because it gets overwritten by the stock odex files in framework (which are of course NOT modded and hence don't contain my code). However the modded UI includes custom reboot options (which come from the framework). If those are missing (for instance when using the odex version) you will face the exact problem you describe. To overcome this, simply flash the rom with deodexed version.

    How to fix deodex lagging issue you may ask? Just don't chose any root method for the first boot. That will allow the dalvik-cache to be built normally. After the first boot you can flash magisk without any issues (till you delete dalvik-cache once again)


    Just upgraded my Note8 from IronMan Please login to see this link. 1.2 to latest 2.0.0 Final Oreo with a clean install. In general the Please login to see this link. is working fine but I can`t open/start IronControl.;`-(


    This happens when root is missing or not given to the app. Install magisk or supersu and make sure the ironcontrol free is allowed to access root!

    Changelog IronMan V2.0.0 Oreo Final release:

    - Based on latest Oreo release (CRE5)

    - Includes May security patch

    - This rom is ONLY for the Note 8 and not for S7/S7e/S8/S8+ devices!

    - Updated all included bootloader and modems for F/FD/N models

    - Reworked the rom from scratch

    - Includes latest stock kernel and IronKernel

    - Updated GBWhatsApp and GBInstagram to most recent versions

    - Updated youtube vanced (to play youtube in background)

    - Updated SMusic app thanks to thereassaad

    - Updated adaway and adblocker files

    - Updated magisk to V16.4

    - Updated xposed to 90.2 beta 3

    - Updated busybox to 1.28.4

    - Updated included twrp to my latest selfmade built

    - Updated webview so we don't have to use google chrome for it

    - Updated modded camera by zeroprobe to support oreo

    - Updated dual speaker mod to support oreo

    - Added a new custom ironman bootanimation thanks to Thibou (chose in aroma)

    - Added a new splash ironman image thanks to myellow and Karan_Tamboli (can also be chosen in aroma)

    - Updated the romcontrol with some new mods and some mods removed. It has now the exact same features as BatMan

    -> this means you can use the Please login to see this link. app too!

    - Include csc features (applock, airmessage and many more), this rom ships with decrypted cscs!

    - Maybe something else, I have possibly already forgot it :D

    Now to the main issue:
    I don't know if you heard about that problem but Oreo roms have problems with building dalvik-cache when the rom is fully deodexed. Hence the rom lags and is damn slow all over the place unless you use odex framework. I have patched the sepolicy for this purpose and it works fine BUT (and that's the main problem):
    Magisk does replace this patched sepolicy. What does this mean for you as user?

    My suggestion is to flash the rom without any root method installed. Then boot your device one time and set up your phone. In this first boot, the dalvik-cache could be built with this patched sepolicy file in the kernel.

    When you are finished, go back to TWRP, simply flash magisk root and you are good to go. Now slowdowns, nothing.

    I'm sure many people won't follow my advice here and face the laggy system. Please help them with this answer here, thank you dear readers :thumbsup:

    Since this rom is EOL I'm not going to release a new version for it.

    But I hope if other people have similar issues they find this thread and now know how to fix it!

    Have a good time and see you around :)

    No idea, if I knew it I would have given you a good solution right away. I'm glad it works now. If it appears again try to catch some logs!

    Have fun ! :)

    I'm honest with you if this does not work I don't know what else I could try. So

    Can you paste the attached file into /system/vendor/etc/wifi and give 0644 permission, reboot and try your wifi again?

    Download it here:

    Please login to see this link.

    First to the easy part: S energy planning is a csc feature and maybe not available for your region. You can install the app via apkmirror. Find it Please login to see this link.

    Now to the fingerprint reader part. I have tested every feature before releasing the rom and it seemed to work fine at my end. I don't own the S8/S8+ anymore so you need to get me some logs in order to help you here.

    Do all these app you mention include fingerprint scanner implementations?

    Linux version 4.4.79-g58cd2e6 (jenkins@0fd045ccc84f) (gcc version 4.9 20150123 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Dec 9 08:12:28 UTC 2017

    This kernel version you are using, which is for sure NOT my kernel. As said, please use the included ones and I'm very sure it will work...

    Just to be sure can you give me the output of:

    1. ls system/vendor/etc/wifi

    I haven't heard about MCC yet that's why I ask you what it stands for or what it is :D

    It fails because the txt_murata_r033_b0 does not exist. Please tell me the output of the above code and a screenshot of your kernel version

    You can get me some logs. How to get them? There are very good guides on xda :)

    Bootloader and modem aren't that much related to the wifi. Modem is for the mobile signal. Instead of using random versions use the ones that match the rom version (CRC7).

    Anyway the most useful things are the logs now :D