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    Hey dear Sophawn :)

    First off, wow. Thank you very much for your motivation words! Short thing about f2fs: I'm not using it, in my opinion it's too experimental but hey, each one can decide for himself right :perfect:

    Don't worry, I'm not simply going to say "I changed my mind". A promise is a promise! I do it because I love development. And of course to make the people (like you) happier in their daily life.

    I give my best to get a butter smooth experience on each and every update :thumbsup:

    Have a nice time in your shadows and hope to see you again :ups:

    so i can choose root method in aroma in first time only? Or first i install rom without root selection then again format everything and install rom with root method??? Because in instructions its written their that choose NO ROOT when installing rom first time?

    Thank you for your reply

    :brrrb: as written above and in the description, on first boot no root due to dalvik-cache

    You can later dirty flash and chose root or simply flash the standalone zips found on xda.

    No reason to say thanks, there is a button :osmilet:

    thank you for the information,,

    Can you provide me link for other method to root on oreo? I thought root will be installed automatically when i install custom rom. I new in rooting that why i have less knowledge.

    One another question, my oem unlock toggle is missing under developer option as i was stuck on error that only official binary allowed to install then i install official firmware then i found that button missing,,,i tried some methods that setup date 8 days back and so on but didn't work for me...what you suggest?

    Magisk and supersu both work fine on oreo. These two are also the ones which can be chosen in aroma.

    About the oem unlock, you need to wait 7 days till it appears

    hello friends,

    I want to install ironman rom to my note 8 sm n950f model. In the instructions, it is written there that click on NO ROOT while installing this rom. Then how my phn will be rooted? What is root proccess afterwards. I dont want to be locked by Oem lock to be in jail for 7 days. So i want some clear steps please? I can install twrp recovery but dont know what to do afterwards,

    Thanks in advance

    That means you flash the rom like you would install any other rom. Just not chose any root method the first time. Boot once, setup everything and flash your root method afterwards. You can't get into jail with this rom

    The fingerprint mod was only for the s7/s7e devices back on nougat. The s8 includes this feature by default.

    In other words this mod isn't included and not related to this crash.

    You said it worked a while back. A reason could be that google has updated their checks wether your phone is rooted or not and doesn't allow the rooted/uncertified devices to use fingerprints. This is the only reason which comes to my mind


    I have installed Batman v2.0.0 Oreo on my s8 plus and noticed that the google assistant is not starting up. It just keeps on loading. Check from the video in attachment. Let me know what to do because I am heavily dependent on google assistant.



    From where did you install the app? Directly with the rom, 3rd party website or via store?

    Hello there,

    I noticed two minor bugs in Superman Rom control :

    - The possibility to show 3 notifications on lockscreen is not working ;

    - The possibility to answer to messages on lockscreen is not working too.

    Maybe corrections with Oreo update 😉

    To the first bug: depends on screen size, s7 can show max 2 and s7e 3.

    Second one:

    Works fine with modded systemui

    Hey Miltos!

    Don't worry about your age, everyone will get older eventually and that's not a bad thing :)

    Thanks for your kind words and I want to welcome you on our forum! Have a good time :D

    In der Tat

    Is there a new ROM for you from the s9? - or will the superman be further developed for the s9? My question is because I switched from the s7 to the s9 and have not yet rooted and is waiting for something from you for the s9

    Currently working on the s7/s7e rom. My plan was to make a rom for the s9/s9+ afterwards yes :)

    Hey :)

    Before adding any new csc I do certainly test those if they work properly. This was also the case for XAC csc. Of course I'm not able to check out every single csc inside a multi csc file, but the default one worked fine on my end (I got a F device not W8).

    I used the supported DRAG bootloader and modem with the csc v2.5.0

    What I can suggest? Wait till I update everything to Oreo and retest :thumbsup:

    FlashKernel V1.4.0:

    - Source updated to BRG6

    - Ramdisk updated to BRG6

    - Toolchain changed to latest google 4.9 (due to compatibility and overall performance)

    - Linux updated to 4.9.116

    - Reverted EAS update from FlashKernel V1.2.1 (people reported freqs being locked)

    - Updated AIK to 3.3

    So if I was to go and dirty flash to the deodex what will happen haha will I stuff up my phone again or will I have to do some tweaking no idea

    Mate, you can read this all up what odex/deodex is about. In the changelog, blog posts and so on.

    Inform yourself :perfect:

    I know that some work. All work which don't rely on framework adjustments

    I always use deodex and mods. In my opinion there is no single reason the use odex

    hahaha no problem.

    The romcontrol functions won't work any longer. But since you use odex anyway, that is already messed up.

    And no you won't loose anything

    Luca no idea what your trying to tell me to look for but I have root explorer and went to both ARM & ARM64 folders I did a screenshot. I have the Stock UI whatever you have on the Rom is what my UI is :)

    Also when I go into System/app I don't see any files I see folders and when I open it up I just see apk.

    Please login to see this attachment.Please login to see this attachment.Please login to see this attachment.Please login to see this attachment.

    That means you are running on odex. If you. Odex or deodex can only be separated in the framework and not the apps.

    The UI you can choose inside the aroma too, I can't tell which one you've installed 😂

    Sure does but when I re flashed your 2.0 Rom I did a clean install and I chose Odex not deodex is it possible that it installed the Deodex instead brother?

    Is there a way I can see if it's odex or Deodexed???

    Check your system/framework folder if there are any arm or arm64 folders. If they exist (with odex files inside) it is odex. If they don't exist = deodex

    I hope you know that if you use odex that you should also use stock sysui (because framework mods don't work on odex)