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    I'm sorry for your experience but I'm not an expert with those apps. I suggest you to get in contact directly with the related developer of the app

    I flashed superman Rom and then csc slection zip 3.0.0 and selected indian INS ..still jio 4g volte is not working ever option of volte is grey out

    Check the samsung phone info app (found on playstore) and go to csc. What shows as active there?

    No problem Luca, you did so much already in the last years.

    Do you use your Kernel ? And Should I wait for the Pie update before flashing it ?

    Thanks for the answer, best wishes for this next year.

    Yeah I use my kernel. I'll update the pie once the semester exams are over :)

    Wish you a great 2019 too!

    So there will be NO "TheFlashRom" / S9 ROM from GrifoDev at all ?

    If that is true, is there any alternative ROM you may suggest ?

    It's kinda makes me miss my S7 Edge with SupermanRom on it.

    Thank you.

    Things really changed fast and I don't have the time anymore (sadly).

    I'm just running stock without any mods except root. No time for modding

    Hey :)

    I'm just updating the kernel and won't release a rom for this device. I simply don't have the time for it I'm afraid... :/

    I try to help where I can but to be honest I don't know anything more here in this context about the sync problem. Also I haven't had any simiilar issues in the recent years of development that's why I'm unable to help with my experience.

    You can try to clean install or even go back to the full stock rom and try it there. I'm sorry that I wasn't useful at all

    So your issue doesn't come from any optimizing or doze which prevents syncing in the background. That's what I first thought when reading your post.

    Now the general statement here is as follows:

    This rom is fully based on stock and will behave exactly like it. The question is if you debloated anything manually or not. In case you haven't, there is still a chance that you can try to contact the developer of the apps. It has been the case for many times now that after all not the rom or the phone was the issue, but the app itself

    Superstock kernel and Magisk not compatible with each other. Stuck at bootloop. WHen the superstock kernel is flashed the magisk gets deleted. Using SuperStock Kernel v3.0 because private mode does not work on another kernel. Magisk in at v17.1

    It's written in the instructions that you have to reflash all mods related to the ramdisk after flashing my kernel (an example for such a mod is magisk)

    Hey :)

    Two things:

    First off: This selection is EOL (End of Life) and wont' be updated anymore.

    Secondly: The PRO csc is already included (find it under VD2 multi csc in the aroma).

    Oreo as well as Nougat does save battery via googles doze function. You can disable this function for specific apps (which you want to be synced and not paused in the background).

    You find the entry under apps, special access, battery optimization :)

    Superman ROM saved my phone! I bought SM-G930S with modification for Dual SIM and only Superman ROM was able to make my phone work on 100 %. I'm currently on Android 7 Nougat and I would like update my phone to final Oreo version of the Superman ROM. So I would like to kindly ask you if it is possible to create Bootloader and Modem for SM-G930S? On are these Oreo files only for F, FD and W8 version, no S, K and L. :-( Can you please create these files too? I already sent some donation if it helps. :-) Appreciate your work! :100:

    Hey :)

    This files aren't created. You can download them everywhere on the internet. One example is Please login to see this link. in their firmware area

    If everything works well and no issue or problem arises you are fine using this version of BL and CP


    No way to downgrade the BL/CP after changing the revision from 2 to 3 for example. I can't tell you if you still will be able to use the SM rom (since it's based on the older BL/CP).

    You have to try and in worst case there is no other option but to use the later roms