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    After many hours/days of troubleshooting, I've found that the fingerprint.unlock tweak in build.prop that allows you to override entering a code in the lockscreen after a reboot kills my bank app (chase) causing it to crash when after rebooting and not using your pin to login. This also causes Google Pay to not work at NFC terminals as it relies on the bank app for payments.

    I was able to resolve the issue by changing the prop value manually that forces me to use a secure method to login to the phone after rebooting, but is there some to keep the feature and spoof the technique of logging in securely?

    It's more than just a mere check of the actual prop value that is the problem as all it takes to get around the issue is to edit a fingerprint sensor setting or unlock the phone with your pin, with the prop value still at zero, and the bank app will again temporarily work. It must be checking an active state of security somewhere.

    Hey :)
    It can be that google forces a login when rebooted/booted the first time with a password/pin instead of a biometric one (to ensure security).

    Your finding confirms that, since it works again after chaning the build.prop value (not a mod issue)

    Honestly I don't know how you could spoofe that

    Last year i installed the batman rom and yesterday i updated the megisk when i it start reboot after it, it stuck at root. My twrp works. Can you please help how can i solve this problem. i do not want to loose any contact, messages and data.

    Then you go to the magisk thread, download the uninstaller zip and flash it. In case you can't find it, it's here: Please login to see this link.

    I flashed superSU for root after flashing the rom. However romcontrol does not even request root permission nor storage permission it will not run at all. I gave it storage permission in system settings but superSU hasnt detected any requests for root permission. I'll try magisk this time and report back.

    Tried flashing magisk instead of superSU this time and romcontrol still will not run ("SuperControl Free has stopped") and will not even request root permission

    That probably means the request got denied due to the timeout of the request. Check the denied root log

    Superman Please login to see this link. installation always fails at 65% when it reaches the boot image patcher "checking signature". When that part of the log is reached the phone takes me back to the Please login to see this link. main screen.

    I have a galaxy s7 edge duos (G935FD) and i have the latest Please login to see this link. 3.2.30. I have formatted data and installed BL and CP with Please login to see this link. but Please login to see this link. always fails installation on 65%

    (I do not choose magisk in aroma and i still fail install)

    Well boot image patcher only starts with magisk. In your case, if you got the same stopping issue even without magisk you may will have to redownload the file. Verify the md5 can also be an option

    Not sure if I'll be able to attach AT&T standalone for Oreo here -- I'll give it a shot. Admins, if there is a more appropriate place for the file, please let me know. CSC 2.5 never worked for volte or wifi calling - only 2.4.5 and prior versions. The package attached here works fine for all for 3.0.1.

    Make sure you backup your EFS before installing!

    You are of course fine posting this if it helps ATT user to get volte/wifi calling

    I was trying to switch to Superman 3.0.1 from stock oreo....suddenly saw that cant enable OEM unlock...also tried factory reset didnt help!!!

    Galaxy S7 (G930FD)

    To be honest I never heard about this. On the s8 and upcoming samsung smartphones you had to wait 1 week to get the oem switch but this didn't apply to the s7 (when I checked it).

    Maybe this changed in future updates, you need to talk to someone who does own this device and is still working on it

    I also greatly appreciate your great work, specifically the effort you put on Superman v3.0.1 Oreo ROM, even after you no longer had the S7. The ROM has given new life to my S7. I am thus far very impressed with the speed, battery life and stability (using TGP v6.10 kernel). This Oreo ROM will help keep the phone for another year, enough time to fully evaluate the Galaxy S10 after its release.

    Unlike dc1status , CSC v2.4.5 works but with exceptions (not surprising, since it was meant for Nougat). In my case and using the ATT CSC there are sms and airmessage fcs. If you find some time to update TMB and ATT CSC, it would be a huge favor for those of us with a G930F in the US. Both Full Stock Oreo ATT and TMB ROMs are shared in the link below.

    Please login to see this link.

    First off, thanks for the nice words, appreciate them a lot :)

    I'm not going to update the selection or anything else for the s7. I have deleted everything from my computer concerning this matter. If someone else feels like he can do it, he is of course fine and can take my zip and modify it as he/she likes

    Hey all, under Device Management > Battery > Advanced Settings always used to be a "Fast wireless charging" toggle. There's still a Fast Cable Charging one, but the wireless one is missing on 3.0.1. It was there on 2.9.0 and 2.7.0. Is it a restriction of Oreo maybe?

    I'm running full stock on my S9+ and there is also only the fast cable charging option (no mention about the wireless one). I assume they combine both into this switch (or removed it on purpose)

    I appreciate your time and your work, but I do remember uploading the OREO TMB CSC file on the other thread, ahead of the new 3.0 update. No worries. My phone runs fine using the 2.4.5 CSC. No complaints or disrespect here. Just providing feedback.

    The problem: to make qualcom csc compatible you need the whole rom (to port things over to exynos).

    But you are right I haven't seen this file sorry for accusing you

    Thanks, I'v activated it in the reboot menu :thumbsup:

    The video is available here: Please login to see this link.

    Because I don't have the screen recorder menu, I can't enable sound recording :-/ any solution to enable it ?

    i have used the same way as on nougat. It can be that it has changed to oreo and now it can't be activated via quicksettings (maybe needs further csc features)

    I'm sure someone can digg into this, I do sadly not own the phone any longer

    Is that a step I missed?

    I've never had to do it before. And when I install Superman the log doesn't show any errors. I'd have thought if /system/ wasn't writable the Aroma log would show it failing to install, but it completes and gets to the last step saying "reboot the phone". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so weird.

    The system can be mount that isn't the problem. Twrp asks you on the first setup if you want it read only or read/write. If it's read only.. you can imagine 😂

    Then you probably didn't check system partition to be able to mount and writable in twrp.

    I don't know any other option ;-/

    Today I thought I'll get back to Oreo and now I cant enable "OEM Unlocking" inside Please login to see this link. Options. The toggle button is always show disabled. When I enable it, it asks for my screen unlock pattern, I give it that and when it comes back to the settings screen, the toggle is set to disabled again.

    We need more information. What rom are you using? Which firmware base and which device?

    Okay there are a few things to check:

    - which twrp version you've installed

    - which modem/bootloader you've installed

    - the md5 of the files you downloaded

    I want to second the nomination to include the network meter in the next build. I Always use this feature. It's great when i'm somewhere with a crappy connection or if im dowloading large files. It's a handy gauge to have on my interface when i'm using my various vpns and stuff too.

    The rom is EOL which means there will be no update

    I can confirm, no chance to run VPN to a fritzbox with 3.01. With 3..00 it was okey.......

    Then you know the cause, use the older (ERG2) based kernel. Because that was the only real change from 3.0 to 3.0.1

    OLB is the multi csc name. The active csc for you ie STH so all fine :)

    Update: ran into issue with data not being able to be toggled between lte, 3g, 2g. Also with WiFi calling not working at all even though showing enabled. I just flashed back to the TMB CSC on 2.4.5. (yes, it works on Oreo). Not sure what's different from that CSC to the newer ones that makes it work and the others fail. I did notice that the 2.4.5 has the TMB CSC as a standalone and not part of the XAA package. Either way. Thanks for all you do in your spare time. I truly appreciate it.

    Yes, I also noticed for ATT CSC, it needs to be installed as standalone. The bundled versions 2.5+ do not work for wifi calling or volte.

    I also have the same problem with ATT CSC. I had to rename the AutoPreconfig.apk to get rid of the pop up window message "...device will restart to configure features supported by the new SIM card." This problem occurred with about 4 CSC tried inside the XAA,. BTU CSS does not have this problem. I am currently using the AT&T CSC from v3.0.0. The installation log and screenshoot of the Phone INFO app CSC page is attached.

    In addition, as other have reported, the ATT CSC does not have WiFi Calling, the AT&T icon (status bar/left) or the signal 4GLte icon (shows 4G/4G+) . I did try the Nougat v2.4.5 (to my surprise Oreo boots ) and all AT&T unique features are there, but it is not stable (sms and airmessage fcs)

    I included all csc files which have been part of the 2.5.0 csc files. Plus I added all csc files which got sent to me.

    Since no one sent a standalone TMB or ATT csc to me... I simply did not add it.

    I can do many things but sometimes I also need help from your side. I can't check over 100 csc files if they work correct