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    Hello Dev,

    After all above, yesterday i flashed again sm 3.0.1. This time when Please login to see this link. asks to upgrade bl and cp, i answer no.

    Now i have phone signal and since now everything else is ok. Also i flashed Please login to see this link. 3.0.0 and i have wi-fi calls and of course Volte signal.

    I wish continue without problem. I'm Please login to see this link. with Su and Suhide and i pass safetynet, I tested all relative apps. 1, Is it ok ?

    Dev as i understand, now i have bl and cp from _Alexandr Please login to see this link.. Is this problem? With my poor knowledges bl and cp is independent from the dev and his Please login to see this link.. 2, Is it ok ?



    Unfortunatelly the end of an era. I am so sad. It will be very hard for me to use an other rom.

    And the worst there aren't out there roms like SM neither similar at least.

    Thank you Luca Grifo

    I hope meet you again, maybe to another phone.

    Hello Dev,

    I'm really sorry have annoyed you. I'm on SM 3.0.1 from the first day with tgp latest kernel. Yesterday i dont know why, I wanted to have a taste of _Alexandr base rom.

    I did not know that he not use aroma, and finally i upgrade the bootloader to version 3. Pls inform me there is at all a way downgrade to version 2, and if the answer is not, can i continue to use SM 3.0.1? Of course i have a twrp backup with efs.

    I installed SM without problem. But first of all i have not phone signal. There i stopped everything. Pls, i know your heavy timeline, if you can help me.



    Luca thank you very much for your answer

    Do you believe that it is worth getting involved in the fluid and little bit unstable environment of oreo (and if yes which kernel with 3.0.1) or to stay back with the 2.9 and superstock kernel?

    As you can understand much better than me i need strong battery.

    Thanks in advance


    Luca sorry if I bother you, but you are the only one I can trust. I have the S7 edge, I use it for telephone communications too, maybe 10 hours a couple of days. Also as sms and e-mail messenger. I use many productivity tools like calendars, task lists, converters, office tools e.t.c. I use a little youtube. Music, video and my hobby, maps on-road, off-road, astronomy. I'm using only viber for big distances tele-comms. Pls in your opinion which of YOUR roms and kernel are best combo for me. Again I'm sorry for the inconvenience I know how tedious it is to deal with everyone's madness.



    thank you for your answer

    Well i need it for 935f but if undersood well he wrote that Please login to see this link. utility. will be ready later. il not my bad.

    Ευχαριστώ πολύ.

    Please login to see this link. καλησπέρα,

    can you send me the new Please login to see this link. EUR (Unbranded Greece) for ERH2

    Anyway thank you in advance.


    Hello Dev Master, Hello coommunity,

    My name is Miltos, i'm Greek and i'm 60 years old:thumbsdown:

    I started 2004 my "career":blub: in roms and xda with windows mobile os and HP phones (only external kb). In 2007 I moved to HTC Kaizer, a very good machine and some xdas devs try as external app the touch screen abilites on this machine as ancestor of HTC Sense (first steps to touch abilites and multiple screens). Unfortunately, it was a complete failure. My next step was with Symbian and Nokia N95, N97, N8, 808 the last and EOL for symbian with belle. I loved Symbian, even i can developed some usefull patches for me. I hated Microsoft and Nokia:boom: when all these past away. 2015 my younger son indroduced me in Android and Samsung. Now after 3 years i'm very satisfied.

    I tried few roms for my S7 edge but only SM is my daily tool. Our chef is best dev i met in all platforms i tried, he is clever, he knows the really needs of final user, he is very kind, his support is perfect and very-very fast. But over all he is a very good quality man. I'm really glad to met you.:-)