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    UPDATE: I managed to install stock firmware! :D (uff....)

    I downloaded oreo stock and ran it through Odin, somehow it worked.

    Also Tkkg1994 I tested the thing with OEM unlock again. It is true that when you turn developer options off, that turns OEM unlock off as well. Pretty... Inconvenient for the amount of trouble it gives. If you could just give a quick last update to the Superman 3.0 where it's impossible to turn OEM off, I think everyone will be happy and thankful for it.

    Either way, gonna try and install 3.0 again and this time not ruin it all!

    Thank you!


    hey Zebiano :)

    1. To be honest I never disabled the developer settings on my phone (and now I won't try it for sure :D). The answer to your question is; I don't know

    2. There is no way to enable oem unlock via odin. The only thing you can do is wipe your device complelty and then reflash it with a stock odin rom

    Thanks for the reply.

    1. I'll try it out for you again and let you know :p

    2. That's not good news. I don't mind loosing data. But I do mind having "FAIL" show up on Odin when trying to flash stock firmware... Plus I kept on playing with it and now I don't have stock recovery again. So how would you recommend me to completely wipe my device?


    So I just updated my SM-G930F from the Batman-Rom to the new Superman-Rom 3.0. It all worked fine and I was actually happy about it!

    But then I enabled developer options and did the following:

    I changed the animation speed to 0.5x. Then, I wanted to simply go back but instead clicked on the button that is somehow always on the top to disable developer options. Kind of annoyed by it, I went back to enable developer options and change my animation settings again. Then, I decided to reboot to recovery, and there I suddenly get the "FRP locked binary" type of problem (which by searching the net a bit I think means I turned OEM unlock off).

    Two questions:
    1. Was I an idiot and didn't realise I turned the OEM off or does it turn itself off alone when you turn off developer options? If so, I already miss your "hide OEM unlock on developer options" you had on the Batman-Rom...
    2. Help? xD Right now I have soft bricked device that gets into a bootloop because of a stupid little thing. I'm trying to install stock firmware through Odin, without any luck though. Is there a quick way to unlock OEM through Odin or so?

    UPDATE: Managed to boot into stock recovery. Unable to install TWRP because FRP is still locking it. There has to be a way to unlock OEM through here or Odin...

    Thanks in advance!



    Just a simple suggestion to be able to add our own gif to the notification panel on the batman rom for the s7 (and maybe on other roms as well).

    Im guessing theyre stored somewhere on the phone and that theorically I could put my own gif there and itll work...?

    Either way, a little tutorial if its possible would be nice! Else, thats my suggestion :D