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Say hello to our Bugtracker

  • Hello guys, may i introduce you to our new Bugtracker.

    Product List - Grifo Development

    It´s our new system for reporting bugs and making suggestions for future updates. We decided to go with this as the current situation is a mess. We got XDA, Telegram and our forum, everywhere the same stuff gets posted over and over and the guys dont even know where to look anymore.

    This is our solution. We keep it at one place, easily searchable and easier for us to keep actual track on everything.

    Let me explain how it works.

    1. You find a Bug in one of our Roms. Lets say BatMan-Rom for the S8

    So you go to our Bugtracker and click on the BatMan-Rom below the S8 section:

    This surely also apply for other roms / categories

    Now you are at the overview, you will see a list of the latest reports and suggestions, you want to add a Bug so you click on "report an "error report" "

    Same goes if you want to add a suggestion or ask for a mod or feature you want to be implemented.

    Simply click on "add a suggestion" then.

    Now you are in the template to report a new bug. :fingerscrossed:

    Lets start with choosing the current version of the rom you are on.

    After that you will have to add some informations, as specified on the screen below:

    Title: Short description of the problem E.g: "System UI keeps crashing"

    Tags: If wished you can add tags here to make it easier for others to find this bug

    Summary: Write a short summary of the problem E.g.: " After i clean flashed the rom and made some adjustments in RC the system UI keeps forceclosing"

    Error Message: Please provide a Log here, prefered Logcat, but as needed a TWRP Log is fine and etc.

    Next select if you can reproduce the bug or not. If you can write a short message how and under which circumstances.

    At the end fill out the "message", write everything about the bug and what exactly you did.

    Some informations needed:

    Your phone variant


    Rom flashed: Full wipe, Clean or dirty

    Which kernel are you using

    And every other information you think could be helpful!

    To make a suggestion its pretty much easier and selfexplaining once you start it.

    Best regards

    Before posting questions, please check our FAQ and Wiki 

    If you want to help us out, you can donate here

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