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Dark Side Theme Batman edition For BatMan S7/edge and S8/+

  • After DarkKnight theme, i decided to revamp the old darkside theme, making a BatMan edition, which is a black blue design, with some dark grey inserts.

    This renew took a lot of hours i spend to bring you the best, i have themed a lot of system apps, some will come later.

    If suddenly an app returns white is due to an update, i will try to follow that as best as i can, i'm not alone now...i have a new modder helping me, announcment soon

    Nothing more, i hope you enjoy the theme

    ONLY the beneath theme.apk, can be installed even on Superman(soon its own aroma ;-) )





    Do not try to download from sammy browser, it will fail, use chrome or any other browser ;-)

    • Download and install theme apk
    • Install it and wait till a popup says Installation complete
    • Download new AROMA zip, reboot to recovery and flash it(choose it full install, fix is not needed), reboot
    • Go to Wallpaper and themes\themes (long press to home screen) and apply DarkSide theme
    • Wait theme is applied and reboot(so everything will be themed correctly
    • For whose has installed previous versions or DarkKnight, uninstall it, delete it and reboot, go to step 1 :-)


    in fact noones, until you find one ;-)

    CHANGELOG V1.2.2

    - All apk updated to AQGB as BatMan V1.2

    - Samsung health is readded(old version do not update, clear data and cache after flashing) new one is buggy, skipped

    - Samsung Connect

    - Samsung Notes

    - New Bixby home

    - Activity Zone

    - Samsung Secure

    - Samsung Clean(in device maintance/storage)


    • My testers group(they have found some bugs i have fixed)
    • All my Team Mates
  • great theme and looks awesome but is pull down menu/quicksettings tiles themed? Mine were still white but I haven't changed any setting in batman settings app

    probably you have other themes installed from the store, this is most of the time culprit,

    Remove them all, reboot and reapply darkside theme ;-)


    My PC has died, not repairable, and as for now not even planned to change it, as for now i am not able to afford the expense for a new or used computer, so all my development will be stopped.

    I plan to buy new PC for christmas.

    I will do my best to finish at least the aromas for batman V1.4, from PC at work, but this will take longer and no eta if and when

    I am so sorry, more than you believe me.

    Big thanks to all your kind words and support got till now

    I will be back :-*