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Dark Side Theme Batman edition For BatMan S7/edge and S8/+

  • After DarkKnight theme, i decided to revamp the old darkside theme, making a BatMan edition, which is a black blue design, with some dark grey inserts.

    This renew took a lot of hours i spend to bring you the best, i have themed a lot of system apps, some will come later.

    If suddenly an app returns white is due to an update, i will try to follow that as best as i can, i'm not alone now...i have a new modder helping me, announcment soon

    Nothing more, i hope you enjoy the theme

    ONLY the beneath theme.apk, can be installed even on Superman(soon its own aroma ;-) )





    Do not try to download from sammy browser, it will fail, use chrome or any other browser ;-)

    • Download and install theme apk
    • Install it and wait till a popup says Installation complete
    • Download new AROMA zip, reboot to recovery and flash it(choose it full install, fix is not needed), reboot
    • Go to Wallpaper and themes\themes (long press to home screen) and apply DarkSide theme
    • Wait theme is applied and reboot(so everything will be themed correctly
    • For whose has installed previous versions or DarkKnight, uninstall it, delete it and reboot, go to step 1 :-)

    Now thanks to Andrea Amodio, you guys can choose SADLY to go back at stock

    - disable the theme in theme store

    - flash above zip


    in fact noones, until you find one ;-)

    CHANGELOG V1.2.0

    - All apk updated to AQGB as BatMan V1.2

    - Readded Shealth

    - Themed Samsung Notes

    - Themes Power Planning


    • My testers group(they have found some bugs i have fixed)
    • All my Team Mates