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Dark Side Theme Batman edition For BatMan S7/edge and S8/+

  • I was hoping maybe the new zip would have a choice of background.

    I like the theme, but find logos in the background on messaging, etc. are very distracting. If you could setup a choice in Aroma, that would be great.


    My PC has died, not repairable, and as for now not even planned to change it, as for now i am not able to afford the expense for a new or used computer, so all my development will be stopped.

    I plan to buy new PC for christmas.

    I will do my best to finish at least the aromas for batman V1.4, from PC at work, but this will take longer and no eta if and when

    I am so sorry, more than you believe me.

    Big thanks to all your kind words and support got till now

    I will be back :-*

  • Hi Alex

    I am in love with your Batman dark side theme but I have one major bug. Look I live in Denmark so we have 3 extra letters and on my keyboard 2 of the letters are gone. I need those letters do you know how to fix this???. (I have tried third party keyboards and even searching for Danish alphabet on the internet to copy paste it but it is not even there please respond fast)

  • Hi! may I know how to fully uninstall this theme? I apply stock theme but still have black notification panel, the words are in black so this is not convenient for me. Like this theme but too bad the words are giving me trouble....

    Thanks in advance

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