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Bixby Voice for Batman Rom on SM-G95XF/FD/N and SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8 devices

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    Hey guys!

    Great news for the curious ones.

    I have successfully been able to make Bixby Voice work on Batman Rom, both for SM-G95XF/FD/N and SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8 (with some obvious limitation) devices.

    Here is the guide step by step to make it work.



    0. Boot in TWRP and flash this zip BixbyApk_Installer.zip that will install the latest Bixby apks. Reboot.

    1. Go in to settings>Apps>Bixby Home>Storage>ClearData

    2. Download the CSC UTILITY from Tkkg1994 at the following link CSC SELECTION

    3. Boot in TWRP recovery

    4. Install the CSC selection and choose in Aroma "XAA" > "USA unbranded" (it's by default)

    5. You can tick all the dad tweaks you want, they should be working

    6. Reboot and open with a right swipe Bixby Home.

    7. Bixby configuration shall start.

    8. Have fun!

    Known Bugs:

    0. For all devices seems that "plugin for 3-rd apps" isn't working. (Means you can't use Whatsapp and Maps full command). I have come to the idea is a Samsung update problem.

    For s7/s7e only

    1. Clearly we don't have a dedicated Bixby button, so you can open it from the top right icon in Bixby Home or by adding long press action to volume down (see FAQ below)

    2. Voice recognition doesn't work on s7. It has problems recognizing voice, but microphone works great. Working on how to fix this too.

    (PM me if anyone tries it on an s7 with a different port)

    3. Bixby in full screen uses s8 resolution, as you can clearly see. Let's see if me and _alex_ can find the time to adjust it for s7.


    How can I enable bixby with physical buttons on s7/s7e?

    Till I find a way to remap buttons, you can use the app Button Mapper on Playstore and add in the action in volume buttons>long press action>choose assistant, then first time you do it you can choose bixby voice.

    Can I change CSC back to my previous one?

    You may come back to it but a new bixby update will block the funcionality.

    Here are same screeshots:

    Credits to:

    Tkkg1994 always there to help

    _alex_ for his ideas and support


    If you want to support us you can always donate me ( Tkkg1994 ) on my PayPal account or through our Donations System. Thanks very much guys for all the support! <3

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    Hi guys! I have updated the zip from the '0' step in order to make it work with the new Batman Update.

    Luckly we also solved a bug, the first one. You will have latest version of 3rd apps plugin so you can use all the apps from the Bixby Labs list.

    Be aware that to make Bixby work I still followed all the steps above, I didn't change the csc back to my original one and the zip is going to use the s8 build.prop (with all the consequences Luca explained you about).

    Changing them back doesn't make Bixby work permanenty.

    Have a nice evening.

    N.B.: The new zip contains the rom build.prop, this means you cannot use it on other roms or you will get a bootloop. 

    P.S.: If you keep the XAA csc you can find a 'Voice wake-up' tile. Sadly for the s7 users voice recognition still doesn't work, but can be helpful for the s8 users.

  • yes it works but when I'm in usa csc i saved all bixby app in titanium backup and come back to my csc thene i restore the bixby app with titanium backup and it works like a charm

  • Works on Note 5?(n920c)

    Note 5 is already with an American Csc right? If so and you haven't received the update even after installing the apps, I guess there is nothing that can be done (for now). (Maybe changing the model number, not recomended).