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[KERNEL][STABLE][TW][N][7.0][DQIC][04.10.17][SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8] BatStock-Kernel

  • Hi guys, I hope you are well. I just have one question: As you wrote on the instructions, we must flash the apps that affect ramdisk like Magisk, but, I don't have the zip. Should I download this zip or is included in the Kernel zip?

  • Exactly that's what you need to do, no problem you can also hit the thanks button if you wish to :)


    I want you to know i am really glad for your help and your support. Since I started to wrote here to post my doubts i always received your answers and your help. I'm very happy with your roms, i used Superman rom around one year and a half and one week ago i changed to Batman rom and i feel safe thanks to your help and support.

    You deserve my thanks, so Thanks!!:D:thumbsup: