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[ROM][STABLE][N][7.0][AQGB][14.08.17][SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8] BatMan-Rom

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  • Thanks Luca! dirty flashed it over superstock v2.7 and everything seems to be OK so far. Will keep you up to date of any issues.

    Reporting back.

    Main issue for me would be the T-Mobile VoLTE and Wifi Calling. So the steps I have tried:

    1. started with Super Stock 2.7 (TMobile CSC installed) and dirty flashed Batman.

    2. apps continued to work, Batman Setting app works and edits worked fine.

    3. Flashed TMB CSC using CSC Selection 2.4.0

    4. Wifi Calling icon appears in Pulldown menu but neither active or inactive (i.e. not greyed or bright blue). It looks like almost light blue.

    5. tried to follow the guide here( [ROM][STABLE][N][7.0][DQD3][27.04.17][SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperMan-Rom V2.5.0 - Post #5484 ), installe QuickShortcutMaker to activate the activity. No luck. it still does not work (i.e. stuck in light blue color).

    6. Checked if there is a wifi calling setting in settings app and it's not there

    Tried to do a clean install BatmanRom

    7. Factory Reset the phone through TWRP

    8. 'Clean Installed' Batman rom

    9. Followed step 3 - 6 above and WiFi calling is still disabled.

    I wonder if it is something to do with S8 having a different CSC version to S7. Let me know if you need more info to get the feature to work.

    Thanks again for the work Luca and Team!

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  • Do I still need to install call fix in the new build?

    I slept too less and messed something up so yes sadly you have to.. it is atteched in the download base

    You will need to use the s8 csc selection. I will make it compatible with s7 devices on the weekend!

    Sorry if i'm talking abaut a very small problem, but i don't have any big bug with this rom. Great

    Is your location with the gps correct?

    Maybe the widget doesn't know your location.

    Did you try to update the app via samsung store?

  • Thanks for your hardworking. The rom is really great ???. But i found a bug that the notification bar doesn't cover fullscreen in landscape mode. I hope you can fix it. Thanks for the rom again.