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  • Hello everybody,

    I have used Superman ROM for 2 months and it's stable, any lag and good battery life. Amazing !

    So I would like to follow your work and be informed next updates and news about your ROMs.

    A last thing : excuse me in advance for my English ?

  • hello Cocodroid58 and welcome in our community :saint::saint::saint:

  • Good evening everyone,

    I am very new on this wonderful site and I want to express first my very pleasant surprise, everything is well arranged, congratulations.

    I have a small problem, I can not download "Bootloader and Modem" for my s7duos SM-G930FD.

    in addition, let me tell you that I live in the depths of the Algerian Sahara, there is no technician in case of glitch, so please tell me how to install the CSC, on Phone INFO there is :

    CSC name Firmware: WTL

    name of current CSC: WTL

    CSC countries: Algeria / DZ

    I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful ROM:thumbsup::fingerscrossed:

    (I apologize for my English, Google translation)

  • Hey ho!
    You are a little bit in the wrong forum, this here is the introduction of Cocodroid58 and not a chat to discuss rom issues/questions, that'd be here

    But let's answer you really quick:
    Why you can't download the bootlaoder and modems? F/FD versions share the exact same files!
    The WTL csc is already inside the csc selection. I hope this helps you somehow :)