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Sync threads not running

  • I installed Superman 3.0.1 recently, and sync isn't working.

    It all started Please login to see this link.. I then found out that Firefox was also not syncing, but when I hit "sync now", it actually forced a sync, and a toast was displayed "auto-sync timers have been started". This actually seems to have been issued by TaskWarrior, as that's Please login to see this link.. Shortly afterwards, Firefox synchronised, and so did DAVDroid, at least partially.

    Unfortunately, my device switched between access points during a subsequent sync, and since then, syncs have no longer been working, and I also cannot get Firefox to sync at all, nor can I get this "auto-sync timers" message back.

    Do you have any idea what the issue could be? Could this be related to your ROM? It was working fine for days (after the new install), and then just stopped two days ago. Not sure what I was doing then…

    Is it possible that there is something like a sync thread on Android, and those are somehow not running properly? How could I fix that?

    And yes, I've rebooted the device several times to no avail :(

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  • Oreo as well as Nougat does save battery via googles doze function. You can disable this function for specific apps (which you want to be synced and not paused in the background).

    You find the entry under apps, special access, battery optimization :)

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  • Hey Luca Tkkg1994 , thank you for taking the time to respond.

    All the apps are exempt from the power savings, I don't think this is the problem.

    More specifically, I can use Firefox or DAVDroid to manually kick off a sync, but no sync will actually happen. If I look at the logs, here is what happens when I e.g. ask Firefox to "sync now":

    1. I FxAccounts: firefox :: FirefoxAccounts :: Requesting sync.
    2. I FxAccounts: firefox :: FirefoxAccounts :: Sync options -- scheduling now: true

    But then there is no actual sync. Nothing happens. Same with DAVDroid. Both of which use the Android Sync Framework to do the actual work behind the scheduled jobs.

    And so this makes me think that whatever process controls the Android Sync Service just isn't running. But I don't know anything about that, or why it wouldn't be running.

    Do you have any ideas?

  • So your issue doesn't come from any optimizing or doze which prevents syncing in the background. That's what I first thought when reading your post.

    Now the general statement here is as follows:

    This rom is fully based on stock and will behave exactly like it. The question is if you debloated anything manually or not. In case you haven't, there is still a chance that you can try to contact the developer of the apps. It has been the case for many times now that after all not the rom or the phone was the issue, but the app itself

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  • Dear Luca Tkkg1994 , thanks again for taking the time to respond.

    I understand that this issue may not be specific to the ROM. I am hoping that you won't be annoyed if I still try to tap in to your knowledge and experience on this, because you know an infinite amount more about Android than I do.

    I have not debloated anything manually. I have used TitaniumBackup to freeze most Google and Samsung apps, but even if I unfreeze them and reboot, the problem remains. I have gotten in touch with the developers of the apps affected, and we did verify that they are operating correctly, as in: the sync is being scheduled with the Android Sync Service, but then just never executed. This leads me to believe that the sync service just isn't running.

    I now found the following in the logcat during boot:

    1. 11-30 10:44:29.552 4057 4057 W AlarmManagerEXT: Out of bounds, Allowed Values 1s ~ 3600s, Setting syncInterval : 300000
    2. 11-30 10:44:29.552 4057 4057 W AlarmManagerEXT: Out of bounds, Allowed Values 1s ~ 225s, Setting deltaFromTriggers : 10000
    3. […]
    4. 11-30 10:44:31.874 4057 4620 E Watchdog: !@Sync 0 [2018-11-30 10:44:31.874]
    5. […]
    6. 11-30 10:44:32.709 4057 4057 W ContextImpl: Calling a method in the system process without a qualified user: android.app.ContextImpl.startService:0 com.android.server.content.SyncManager$13.run:8 android.os.Handler.handleCallback:2 android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage:4 android.os.Looper.loop:139

    The first two are somewhat suspicious, but I don't actually know if AlarmManager plays any role here.

    Definitely weird is the last message, as `com.android.server.content.SyncManager` seems like the service at fault here.

    I appreciate any input you might have. Thank you!

  • I try to help where I can but to be honest I don't know anything more here in this context about the sync problem. Also I haven't had any simiilar issues in the recent years of development that's why I'm unable to help with my experience.

    You can try to clean install or even go back to the full stock rom and try it there. I'm sorry that I wasn't useful at all

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