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Dark Side of SuperMan

  • I've posted this in the wrong thread (DarkSide for BatMan).

    Hope this time it's in the right place...

    "Flashing DarkSide-ThemeV2.5b.zip on SuperMan Please login to see this link. 2.7.0 puts my G930F in booloop.

    Is it only me????

    Any ideas??? "

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • I'd say that _alex_ may needs to update his theme with the new base framework in order to work correctly with V2.7.0

    Visit our most recent creations for the S7 and S8 devices at our Please login to see this link.

  • Yeah, it boot-looped me as well. :( AFAICT We are going to have to live with horrible white backgrounds for a bit... God bless _Alex_ even if his English is, um, well, how do I say this nicely... not exactly scholarly :)


    My PC has died, not repairable, and as for now not even planned to change it, as for now i am not able to afford the expense for a new or used computer, so all my development will be stopped.

    I plan to buy new PC for christmas.

    I will do my best to finish at least the aromas for batman V1.4, from PC at work, but this will take longer and no eta if and when

    I am so sorry, more than you believe me.

    Big thanks to all your kind words and support got till now

    I will be back :-*

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