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Dark Side of SuperMan

  • I've posted this in the wrong thread (DarkSide for BatMan).

    Hope this time it's in the right place...

    "Flashing DarkSide-ThemeV2.5b.zip on SuperMan Rom 2.7.0 puts my G930F in booloop.

    Is it only me????

    Any ideas??? "

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • I'd say that _alex_ may needs to update his theme with the new base framework in order to work correctly with V2.7.0

  • Yeah, it boot-looped me as well. :( AFAICT We are going to have to live with horrible white backgrounds for a bit... God bless _Alex_ even if his English is, um, well, how do I say this nicely... not exactly scholarly :)


    My PC has died, not repairable, and as for now not even planned to change it, as for now i am not able to afford the expense for a new or used computer, so all my development will be stopped.

    I plan to buy new PC for christmas.

    I will do my best to finish at least the aromas for batman V1.4, from PC at work, but this will take longer and no eta if and when

    I am so sorry, more than you believe me.

    Big thanks to all your kind words and support got till now

    I will be back :-*