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Guide for 26 days standby time on your S7Edge

  • i don't want to write a huge post because not many people will read (so i'll try to be brief)

    You can get this working (not by installing any zip files...just by freezing apps and following alternatives)

    Apps needed for this to work and to monitor them properly and easily

    - You must have root access

    - Titanium Backup Pro

    - SD Maid Pro

    - Kill apps Pro

    who can benefit from this mode (Only watch video if you're ok with this and have the following mentality)

    - You only use it to make phone calls and browsing the web.

    - Love listening to music and music only ? Great! (and by the way if you want to experience most powerful audio (read audio mods steps carefully in g+ post as you are going to install three different mods)

    - i really don't use social media. (except YouTube) i have very few friends and i spend most of time on my carrier.

    - if your level of usage doesn't sum up with battery life drain...

    - i only care about battery life..

    Do not watch

    - if you love social media, socializing, google apps and samsung services.(because most of the features won't work)

    Forget about hibernation, deep sleep mode.. Activating this mode will block all services, wakelocks and everything... if your battery percent during night is 77% and (if you're going to sleep activating this mode) while you wake up on the next day (after 12 hours ) and if you check battery percent it will still be 77% or 76%

    i made this video for a community so just skip to 03:54 (if you love social media...stop the video at 34:12)

    Please login to see this link.

    this video is about bringing down 190+ apps to less than 8) and activating DETOX mode ( before starting to record this video...i reset my app preference in settings -> apps which made all of my frozen apps (which has been frozen with titanium backup) to start running again and thats why 191 apps ( running at the beginning of video )

    I have already explained in the video. .yet i'll repeat it.

    How to create filter in titanium backup ?

    Step 1 : Select "Create Label"

    Step 2 : Select "Add/Remove Elements..."

    Step 3: On the Prompted window select all apps that you want to (freeze/defrost/wipe data/clear cahe...etc)

    Step 4 : hit the right tick (on the top right side)

    Step 5: Now save it

    Step 6: Done. You have successfully created filter.

    if you want to select many apps at once (for example if you want to wipe data for all of your frozen apps)

    Step 1 : On the filter (Select "Frozen)

    Step 2 : Select "Create Label"

    Step 3 : Select "Add/Remove Elements..."

    Step 4: On the Prompted window select (select shown elements) this will automatically select all of your "frozen" apps

    Step 5 : hit the right tick (on the top right side)

    Step 6: Now save it

    Step 7: Done. .

    Never rooted your phone, installed custom recovery or roms ?

    Read my youtube description..just follow those baby steps (you will be able to install custom recovery, rom, root within 2 minutes) i recommend BatMan ROM V1.5

    only first 4 steps will be there

    others steps, information about this video, warning and tips :

    link not visible on this forum...read yt video description

    Advantages of this mode ?

    - Speed : All app performance will be 80x faster than the speed that you experience on stock ROM

    - Charging : phone will charge 70x faster than the speed that you experience on stock ROM.. Charging speed will make you aww

    i just lost interest in latest samsung phones because its size is too big..phone must be in size of S7 edge or 5.7 inch (its perfect you know)

    all other features that they have released on s8 ,s9 are useless for me

    whenever i watch samsung new phone trailer..i keep asking...your phone size is getting bigger why can't your battery ?

    i will most likely buy another new phone only if samsung delivers...

    1. 4k display with screen size 5.7 inch

    2. More contrast and colors (a new display technology better than amoled)

    3. Batteries above 6000mAh (IF THEY CAN BRING 512 GB SIZE ON A TINY SD CARD...They can obviously do something about increasing the capacity of battery...)

    4. Improvements to audio (i know this s9 thing came with dolby but(auto,music,movie) why there is no tuning ?customization of our own ? like the dolby atmos by worstenbrood(i think dolby by samsung has still got audio restrictions)

    5. and if grifo devs provide custom rom with root access for that phone ( it will be terrible to use stock rom of samsung

    - Cooling - Your Phone stays extremely cool ( 30 to 32 degree) you can check it with cpu monitor.

    - Aggressive mode at it's best.. Nobody can distract you....Google/samsung will have zero powers over your phone...you control which app should run (read detox mode indepth explanation for alternatives )

    Feed the Beast...Feel the speed.

    only these apps will be running in DETOX mode (stopped...yes it should be stopped (not frozen) IF ANY OTHER APPS RUN ( you won't feel any difference in battery life ) flight mode must be enabled for detox mode to work correctly.

    Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

    i was using few app otherwise it would be almost 13 days (while it reached 51%) this image is for standby time test (meaning : detox mode is activated and phone left aside)

    Please login to see this link.


    You can freeze package access helper ( defrost it while you're about to install new apps)

    nfc service (i strongly recommend you to uninstall as this service will always be running...your settings -> connection might crash but you can always access WiFi settings, Bluetooth settings, Mobile data settings, hotspot via notification panel by long pressing it.

    you can uninstall context service (com.samsung.android.providers.context)

    Google play services is huge battery drainer and most of the google apps won't allow you to use their app if this play services app is frozen (this is why i don't like to use google apps and look for alternatives (more info about this hungry play services is written on my indeth detox mode explanation post)

    i only need this app for play store and gmail (other google apps that i use are google app and chrome (this doesn't need play services to be enabled (google app and chrome won't force you to enable..just their feed won't work but who cares ? i only use it for browsing websites that i care and browsing just works fine.

    if google breaks it (just uninstall these two and look for some other light weight browser) for youtube i use vanced version (doesn't need play services to be running) i suggest you to follow non root installation method (even though you have root) because that microG app doesn't really drain battery >>>> if you opt out for root method ..you should enable google play services for youtube which will drain more battery compared to MicroG

    If watching youtube videos drain battery (then i suggest you to read my indepth detox mode explanation where i've shared some ideas (which if in case following them will prevent batter drain)

    I dislike play store : google doesn't respect my interests as it keeps showing some social media apps which i don't want to see it... .i only open it 3 weeks once.. .

    if you're about to open play store (before you defrost play store ) defrost google service framework, google account manager, google play services, Package access helper, download manager and then defrost play store (for easy access place widgets like how i did in the video)

    If you're about to open gmail (before you defrost gmail) defrost google service framework, google account manager,google play services and then defrost GMail... once done with updates...kill the app and freeze those three apps. don't be keep checking your mail every hour...if you're not running any business..check gmail 2 days once.(most of the times i check mails only on my laptop...i only use mobile version of GMail (defrost it) if something is REALLY important and have to check mail (while my laptop is not available with me)

    Detox mode in-depth Explanation , more alternatives and ideas, smart phone addiction recovery.


    ink not visible on this forum...read yt video description

    it contains 85,000+ character (longest article that i have ever written in my life) you might find it boring if you love social media and modern culture (only read it if you love learning psychology based articles, analogies , Time management, self improvement articles and if things aren't going the way you planned for..

    Don't read that post if you have ego

  • my google post links are not visible on this post...you can check it via youtube description (if you really want to)

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