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  • Hello Dev Master, Hello coommunity,

    My name is Miltos, i'm Greek and i'm 60 years old:thumbsdown:

    I started 2004 my "career":blub: in roms and xda with windows mobile os and HP phones (only external kb). In 2007 I moved to HTC Kaizer, a very good machine and some xdas devs try as external app the touch screen abilites on this machine as ancestor of HTC Sense (first steps to touch abilites and multiple screens). Unfortunately, it was a complete failure. My next step was with Symbian and Nokia N95, N97, N8, 808 the last and EOL for symbian with belle. I loved Symbian, even i can developed some usefull patches for me. I hated Microsoft and Nokia:boom: when all these past away. 2015 my younger son indroduced me in Android and Samsung. Now after 3 years i'm very satisfied.

    I tried few roms for my S7 edge but only SM is my daily tool. Our chef is best dev i met in all platforms i tried, he is clever, he knows the really needs of final user, he is very kind, his support is perfect and very-very fast. But over all he is a very good quality man. I'm really glad to met you.:-)


  • Hey Miltos!

    Don't worry about your age, everyone will get older eventually and that's not a bad thing :)

    Thanks for your kind words and I want to welcome you on our forum! Have a good time :D

    Check out my most recent inventions at the Please login to see this link.  :D:perfect:

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