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Where to adjust audio slider volume ?

  • once again i have (at least for me) a tricky question :D


    I have set up a Galaxy A5 (a5ultexx) with android 7.1.1 (hades rom port of J5) and it works very very nice.. only thing i have is that the system sounds (keyboard tap, hard keys etc) are way too loud.. all other sounds are ok..

    The sound files themselves are not overdriven.. all normal (the .ogg files in media/audio path) ..

    Since it is a pretty special rom.. mostly the only Nougat TW Rom for the old 2015 A5 and the author explicit pushed the system sounds and he wont adjust them down (for whatever reason) i wanted to throttle them down myself... the volume bar of System is at the very first step after mute and its as loud as it would be to the very right..or nearly that loud xD

    The mixer_paths and mixer_gains files only house volume settings for specific audio devices.. not for a specific "volume slider".. so my question is..

    Where the hell can i modify a dB offset for a specific volume slider.. or the range of dB for the slider???

    As mentioned its android 7.1.1 TW port from Galaxy J5.. could that be that such a setting is in the build.prop or in an init.d?..

    Thanks in advance for any hint :ecsmile::ecsmile:


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  • That is for sure a bug with the rom. Normally the slider in the volume panel changes all those system sounds. If it does not react, the developer messed something up.

    That's on his side to fix (if he will is a different question).

    So to your question: yes this "system" sound on the volume panel is the right place to adjust those sounds :)

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