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BatStock 1.5 no WIFI on S8

  • Following is just run on this S8:

    dreamlte:/ # uname -a

    Linux localhost 4.4.128-BatKernel_SM-G950F_V2.1.1-Final #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Apr 19 20:47:09 CEST 2018 aarch64

    I'm pretty sure this is your kernel

    Regarding MCC: Please login to see this link. all I know about it. But given the firmware not loaded I doubt this it is.

    dreamlte:/ $ ls system/vendor/etc/wifi

    bcmdhd_clm.blob nvram_net.txt

    bcmdhd_mfg.bin_b0 nvram_net.txt_a0

    bcmdhd_mfg.bin_b2 nvram_net.txt_a0_ePA

    bcmdhd_sta.bin_b0 nvram_net.txt_murata_r012_a1

    bcmdhd_sta.bin_b2 nvram_net.txt_murata_r013_b0

    nvram_mfg.txt nvram_net.txt_murata_r014_b0

    nvram_mfg.txt_a0 nvram_net.txt_murata_r020_b0

    nvram_mfg.txt_a0_ePA nvram_net.txt_r01a_a1

    nvram_mfg.txt_murata_r012_a1 nvram_net.txt_r01d_b0

    nvram_mfg.txt_murata_r013_b0 nvram_net.txt_r01f_b0

    nvram_mfg.txt_murata_r014_b0 nvram_net.txt_r01i_b0

    nvram_mfg.txt_murata_r020_b0 nvram_net.txt_r02a_a1

    nvram_mfg.txt_r01a_a1 nvram_net.txt_r02c_a1

    nvram_mfg.txt_r01d_b0 nvram_net.txt_r02g_b0

    nvram_mfg.txt_r01f_b0 nvram_net.txt_r02j_b0

    nvram_mfg.txt_r01i_b0 p2p_supplicant_overlay.conf

    nvram_mfg.txt_r02a_a1 wldu.conf

    nvram_mfg.txt_r02c_a1 wpa_supplicant.conf

    nvram_mfg.txt_r02g_b0 wpa_supplicant_overlay.conf


  • I'm honest with you if this does not work I don't know what else I could try. So

    Can you paste the attached file into /system/vendor/etc/wifi and give 0644 permission, reboot and try your wifi again?

    Download it here:

    Please login to see this link.

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  • Similar to your post, I copied all missing files from the folder of the working system to the Batman system.

    dhd_bus_download_firmware: firmware path=/vendor/etc/wifi/bcmdhd_sta.bin_b0, nvram path=/vendor/etc/wifi/nvram_mfg.txt_murata_r033_b0

    Must be one or both of these two files is missing.

    With this it works!

    Thank you very much. Hope you can include them in the next build or other project.

    Best regards,


  • Since this rom is EOL I'm not going to release a new version for it.

    But I hope if other people have similar issues they find this thread and now know how to fix it!

    Have a good time and see you around :)

    Check out my most recent inventions at the Please login to see this link.  :D:perfect:

  • Just in case, now I have:

    dreamlte:/vendor/etc/wifi $ ls

    bcmdhd_clm.blob nvram_mfg.txt_r01a_a1

    bcmdhd_mfg.bin_b0 nvram_mfg.txt_r01d_b0

    bcmdhd_mfg.bin_b2 nvram_mfg.txt_r01f_b0

    bcmdhd_sta.bin_b0 nvram_mfg.txt_r01i_b0

    bcmdhd_sta.bin_b2 nvram_mfg.txt_r02a_a1

    nvram.txt nvram_mfg.txt_r02c_a1

    nvram.txt_a0 nvram_mfg.txt_r02g_b0

    nvram.txt_a0_ePA nvram_mfg.txt_r02j_b0

    nvram.txt_murata_r012_a1 nvram_net.txt

    nvram.txt_murata_r013_b0 nvram_net.txt_a0

    nvram.txt_murata_r014_b0 nvram_net.txt_a0_ePA

    nvram.txt_murata_r020_b0 nvram_net.txt_murata_r012_a1

    nvram.txt_murata_r033_b0 nvram_net.txt_murata_r013_b0

    nvram.txt_r01a_a1 nvram_net.txt_murata_r014_b0

    nvram.txt_r01d_b0 nvram_net.txt_murata_r020_b0

    nvram.txt_r01f_b0 nvram_net.txt_murata_r033_b0

    nvram.txt_r01i_b0 nvram_net.txt_r01a_a1

    nvram.txt_r02a_a1 nvram_net.txt_r01d_b0

    nvram.txt_r02c_a1 nvram_net.txt_r01f_b0

    nvram.txt_r02g_b0 nvram_net.txt_r01i_b0

    nvram.txt_r02j_b0 nvram_net.txt_r02a_a1

    nvram_mfg.txt nvram_net.txt_r02c_a1

    nvram_mfg.txt_a0 nvram_net.txt_r02g_b0

    nvram_mfg.txt_a0_ePA nvram_net.txt_r02j_b0

    nvram_mfg.txt_murata_r012_a1 p2p_supplicant_overlay.conf

    nvram_mfg.txt_murata_r013_b0 wldu.conf

    nvram_mfg.txt_murata_r014_b0 wpa_supplicant.conf

    nvram_mfg.txt_murata_r020_b0 wpa_supplicant_overlay.conf


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