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Ironman Rom S7 After reboot not possible to unlock

  • I am new here. Yet I used Lineage OS for my S7 - but the camera is awful and the support is canceld. So I tried Ironman Rom. It works fine, with only one problem (I found till now).

    When I reboot the phone (after installing a xposed module for example), it starts normal. I give my pin for the sim. Then it is not possible to unlock. The screen becomes black, then it seems to become normal but it is not possible to unlock. Neither by fingerprint, neither by pin. So I have to go into the dwonloadmodus, then cancel, it start new. Second time it works normally (two times I have to start three times).

    Can anyone help what the problem is?


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  • Does this happen after each reboot or randomly?

    Did it start after installing xposed with some modules? Any logs you can grab?

    This rom is also EOL, so there won't be any new update for it.

    Given the fact that I haven't heard this issue from anyone else I'm sure we can fix it :)

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  • I disabled two xposed modules - since then I made two reboots without any problems. So You are right with Your guess, I think.

    EOL was not clear for me. So I have to look for another rom. But in moment it´s good. Thx for your work.

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    Charlie Brown: "A man called Jesus Christ."

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  • just wanted to add my 2cp to this..

    Maybe its not related at all.. from time to time (im on s8 with batman rom 2 oreo) i have a similar problem.. i dont have a sim code applied only an exchange admin policy wich binds me to pin unlock or better (no pattern/swipe unlock) and about 1 out of 10 reboots my pin or my fingerprint wont unlock the phone.. it states i entered wrong pin or fingerprint.. after a reboot the problem is gone.. have to say i have direct fingerprint unlock enabled...

    Its no issue for me.. just thought it maybeee can be related to it.. oh and i dont have xposed instslled in any form 😀


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