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Hello community and Master developer :)

  • Hello community and Master developer ;-)

    I'm from Lithuania - Vilnius. Part of my job is IT admin, my hobby is modding and optimizing of PC hardware and WinXP-7-10.

    I joined XDA Developers community on 6th April 2008, so yes, a month ago was an anniversary - 10 years :osmile:B-)

    I'm traveling a lot , for the business and for a holiday purposes. So, a smart phone is very important for me, actually it is my second office / PC ...

    That's why all my smart phones HP iPAQ hw6515d->HTC Universal->HTC Touch Pro ->HTC Touch Pro2 ->HTC HD2_Leo->HTC EVO 3D->SG Note II ->SG Note 3 -> SG S6+ -> SG S8+ was / are less or more modded / flashed custom ROM.

    When I discovered BatMan-Rom starting v1.1.1 I was very happy :thumbsup:;-)

    Thank you Luca for your great ROM.

  • Hello!

    Seems like you have quite some experience in android and tec in general.

    Over the time, android changed a lot and I'm sure there have been some heavy changes over the time (I joined with kitkat).

    Anyway, wish you a good time and see you around! :D

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