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[SM-G95XF/FD/N] BatMan-Rom Final

  • Hey guys! You may ask yourself what this rom is about and what you can expect from it, so it's basically something similar to the Please login to see this link. on the Galaxy S7/S7 edge! It has many custom featuers, but you will find it below in the feature list :thumbup:
    As you maybe know I'm a little fanboy from samsung, means I really love the stock look of the UI and the rom will always be based on most recent version from samsung, current base used is G955FXXU1CRC7 (compatible with S8 and S8+)
    I wish you much fun reading through the features and while using this rom! Enjoy

    So this rom should be installed by anyone loving to use a rom close to stock BUT with many mods inside aroma/rom control.

    Also I'd like to make the already fast galaxy s8 even more faster as it already is! Let's see if we can reach this goal :love:

    Nobody is allowed to take stuff from my rom without asking me! Thank you.


    Rom features of V2.0.0 Oreo:

    - Based on latest G955FXXU1CRC7 Oreo base
    - Prerooted with SuperSU V2.82 SR5 or MagiskSU (choose in aroma)
    - Magisk V16.3 (aroma selectable)
    - Latest Busybox installed (aroma selectable)
    - Aroma installer! with support up to 4GB zip files
    - CSC features can be choosen and installed in aroma (such as Applock, Floating Message, Call recording and more!)
    - Adblocker enabled or disabled (choose in aroma)
    - Full rom control!! App name is BatMan Settings Free
    - Fully deodexed (also framework)
    - Rom informations and logo inside settings

    - LED indicator settings
    - choose IOS or stock emojis in aroma
    - DM-Verity disabled
    - Force encrypt disabled
    - ADB fully working
    - Modded SystemUI with many tweaks in RomControl (like header colors, qs colors and notification colors)
    - 3Minit Clock/battery in romcontrol
    - Custom clock positions and customizations in romcontrol
    - USB Plug/Unplug disable wake up
    - Remove high volume warning for headphones
    - Torch on lockscreen
    - Stock CRC7 Kernel or BatStKernel(choose in aroma)
    - Based off from latest touchwiz source available at this moment
    - Many apps are selectable in aroma debloat menu
    - Selinux permissive on custom kernel
    - Ram bar in recents
    - Matrix animation in recents
    - Sound Mod with lot improvements! (choose in aroma)
    - Latest March Security Patch with Krack and Blueborne fix
    - Many other features, can't list them all, please read changelog to see what changed over the time

    How to install the rom:

    For advanced users:

    For normal users:

    Downloads for SM-G95XF/FD/N:

    Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

    Telegram Links:

    Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link.

    Known Bugs:

    - let me know!


    - Samsung for the base
    - SuperR for his awesome Kitchen
    - Chainfire for his SuperSU
    - topjohnwu for systemless Magisk
    - amarullz for aroma and nkk71 to make it compatible with bigger zip files
    - wubydax and daxgirl for basic RomControl
    - myellow for all the great animations!

    - TheFreak for his work as designer and his help with the website
    - mwilky for his fingerprint after reboot mod and other mods
    - Asc1977 for a few mods I already used on SuperMan


    If you want to support us you can always donate me ( Tkkg1994 ) on my Please login to see this link. account or through our Please login to see this link.. Thanks very much guys for all the support! <3

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  • V2.0.0 beta Oreo update:
    - Updated to CRC7 base (March update). I'm aware that CRD7 is out, but I already finished this base update while the other one rolled out.. I'm sorry!

    - Reworked most mods from Nougat to Oreo, some are new, some I had to leave behind. You'll find out when visiting the romcontrol app

    - This is important, why I'm calling it a beta version: I'm sure you have all heard about the issues with full deodexed roms on Oreo, if you haven't, there is a short summary: using full deodexed framework lead to apps optimizing on each boot + very slow lagging device. mwilky has fixed this with patched files in kernel. However it seems like this patch isn't 100% consistent. That means, it worked fine for me over 2 weeks, and now before the release I had the issue again all the time... that's why I need you guys to see whether the same thing happens to you or not. Thank you all very much!!

    - A workaround is to reboot a few times till no "optimizing app" appears at boot

    - Updated magisk to latest 16.3

    - Updated included BL/CP to CRC7

    - Updated modded camera

    - Updated dual speaker sound mod

    - Updated busybox

    - Updated GBinstagram/GBwhatsapp

    - Updated modded youtube

    - Updated xposed to latest Oreo beta

    - Updated modded samsung music app (thanks to thereassaad )

    - Updated all included kernels to CRC7 base

    - No, this update is not for s7/s7e devices

    - For those not finding the download link, I haven't yet uploaded it to AFH, so it's only available via our own server right now (be sure to login before searching :D )

    - The romcontrol app will be updated within the next days after the translation have updated

    - Many thanks to @Asc1977 and mwilky who have helped me so much to get this update done! Without them this wouldn't have been possible

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  • Do you want to use arm/arm64 folders in system? 66

    The result is only visible to the participants.

    Okay guys, due to the issues with the dalvik-cache not building on the first boot, I'm making a poll about it.

    I'll explain to situation shortly:

    That's the main issue with oreo, that dex2oat (which is related to the app optimizing process) doens't have the permission to write into data/dalvik-cache and create the ART files. That's why I patched the kernel to allow that (same workaround as renovate by mwilky ). But it seems like it's not fully working all the time. Normally files from system/app, system/priv-app and system/framework are extracted to the dalvik-cache. If it's not extracted, the whole device is slowed down and can't read the code fast (Android Runtime related). And that's what is currently messed up, until you reboot various times and the ART is eventually built.

    Google explained what ART and dalvik-cache is:

    Please login to see this link.

    What advantages do we have when using odex framework?

    - 100% reliable that files are generated

    - No lagging or slowdowns

    - No reboots for building up ART, works at the first boot

    What disadvantage do we have when using odex framework?

    - We will loose the mods below

    What mods will be lost, if we use odex framework folder?

    - Listview animations

    - Notification colorizations

    - Dynamic statusbar

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    Set the Label from Update to EOL
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    Changed the title of the thread from “[SM-G95XF/FD/N] BatMan-Rom” to “[SM-G95XF/FD/N] BatMan-Rom Final”.
  • V2.0.0 Final:

    - Added a choice in aroma for odex or deodex framework

    - Everything else is EXACTLY the same, including release date and the build number

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