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Terms of Conditions // Marketplace

  • These are our terms and conditions for our marketplace. Available here: Please login to see this link.

    You apply to these conditions as soon as you offer, sell, buy or exchange anything on our marketplace.

    1. Grifo Development is NOT responsible for the content and the products or services provided on the marketplace.

    Furthermore Grifo Development can not be held reponsible for any scam or fraud. We are providing a middleman-service tho. If you want to use it, is up to you.

    2. If you accept an offer or exchange it´s a binding contract. If you do not keep on it, Grifo Development may give further informations to the user which got frauded for further law-steps.

    3. Be sure to always be safe! Licences / Software isnt protected by PayPal! If someone says otherwise he is lying!

    4. Our General Terms and Conditions also apply here!

    We may add more points on a later state.

    Before posting questions, please check our Please login to see this link. and Please login to see this link. 

    If you want to help us out, you can Please login to see this link.

    You want a unique signature, avatar or wallpaper? Please login to see this link.

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