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  • Wonderful graphics and splash screens , also I've always been a fan of Batman!! ha ha , I like Iron man too , and Superman , they're all nice roms. But I've just got something for Batman!!:heyes:

  • dirty flash will cause you alot of problem since the oreo cant handle nougat stuff that resides...

    Deodex will be a bit more difficult to set up.. odex will be easier but you will miss a few mods.. no influence on magisk and xposed though

    Im running 2.0.0 with seperate kernel (tgp that is) deodexed with magisk 16.4 abd ni exposed


    Don't take life to serious... nobody will get out alive anyway :cflol:


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  • SG8+ Batman 2.0 Better to use odex or deodex option for magisk, xposed and other root tools?

    Also what would happen if i Dirty Flash over the 1.5.0 Nougat?

    Better to use the official threads instead of asking in another thread which has a different topic :)

    The choice is yours after all. Decide yourself. Plus, don't do dirty flashes on android major updates

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  • thank u both for the replies... sorry about that Luca honestly I couldn't find the actual form for Batman 2.0 to ask for help I think I'm going blind hahahaha

    Depending on if you have a question, suggestion or bug you can open your own thread in here:

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    Check out my most recent inventions at the Please login to see this link.  :D:perfect:

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