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[Rom] Ambasadii 8.0 OREO BETA Stock Rom for S8/S8+


    changelog Beta-5.0 (29.12.2017):

    - stock odex version

    - based on latest XXU1ZQLE beta firmware (security patch level: 2017-12-01)

    - support models: SM-G95xF and SM-G95xFD

    - fully knox removed! (rom not support: samsung pay, samsung pass and secure folder)

    - update full stock kernel XXU1ZQLE for both models S8 and S8+

    - update CSC (OMC) to XXU1ZQLE

    - added anykernel patch for stock kernel (init.d and spectrum supported now!) thanks for some script to djb77

    - added options into aroma to choose magisk or supersu

    - fully fixed data mount in twrp with magisk (v15.1) thanks for tip to geiti94

    - fixed applock and live drawing message

    - fixed screen recorder (beta oreo mod v5.0 need to be flashed!)

    - added debloat options into aroma to remove some apps!

    - added options into aroma to install some tweaks:

    * LTE Icon (Enable LTE mobile data icon instead off 4G)

    * Data Usage (Enable data usage information under brightness slider)

    * Multi-User (Enable multi user icon on notification panel)

    * 1060 Fonts Pack

    * Google Assistant support

    * Netflix Fix

    * Block Call Message

    * Power Planning (Enable extra battery saver features)

    * Ultra Data Saving (Enable ultra data saving features)

    - added options into aroma to choose csc region:




    Bugs list:

    - beta samsung bugs!

    - secret mode in sbrowser not work for now even with magisk

    Download ROM:

    Please login to see this link.

    Stock OREO ZQLE Kernel (fixed):

    Please login to see this link.

    How to install with magisk and pass safetynet:

    - wipe:data,dalvik,cache,system

    - run rom zip and choose magisk in aroma

    - make a first boot (very important!)

    - reboot to twrp when you get setup wizard

    - flash safetynet.zip (you find it on your sdcard when you choose magisk in aroma)

    - reboot and setup phone in wizard

    Mod Oreo Beta for v5.0

    - center clock

    - net speed metter moved to left side

    - added my logo into settings

    - fixed screen recorder toogle

    !! Flash mod zip after first boot of rom !!

    Telegram Group:
    Please login to see this link.

    enjoyed [IMG:http://img.homepagemodules.de/cool.gif]

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