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Hello everyone!!

  • Hi everyone,

    I live in Edinburgh, Scotland for the past 7 years, I am originally from Greece. I have an BEng in Electronics and I am studying now towards my MSc in Computing, I currently work as a Software Engineer for a company that makes managed networking switches. We develop our own linux distribution and all our products come with it. I program in C, python and I started now with Java at my Masters. My first smrtphone was an Iphone4 then I swapped to Nexus4 and since then I have changed to anything other than android. I currently have an S7 and I want to root it and install a custom Rom. For every phone I had I use the same procedure, 1 year of stock rom and 1 year of custom rom, then I change phone. This is starting now my 1 year of custom rom and I have chosen SupermanRom which from what I have seen so far is AMAZING!!! I am really looking forward to chatting with you fellow devs and maybe, who knows, start developing as well. Thank you for those who sparred their time and read my introduction :D

  • Hey dear ptsagkaris

    Awesome to welcome you here! Reading your introduction it seems you got way more experience in almost any part of the development :D

    Maybe, as you said yourself, you can start developing for android as well:thumbsup:

    Also I wanted to thanks for your support with the donation you made, thanks very much for this <3

    We all appreciate that a lot!