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[KERNEL][Unified] Nox Kernel

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    What is this kernel about?

    "It's kryptonite, Superman. Little souvenir from the old home town. I spared no expense to make you feel right at home."


    - First unified S8/S8+ kernel for F(D)/N variants only: 1 kernel to support both devices (AIK hax, because im lazy and its faster, cleaner and more stable.)

    - Based on the latest kernel source and supports N8 ports & S8 stock roms

    - Compiled with Please login to see this link.

    - Permissive by default

    - Synapse support

    - Knox 0x0 with Safetynet bypass

    - Fading LED control

    - Wakelock control

    - LZ4 fast compressed

    - Idle improved

    - Various filesystem tweaks for a smoother experience

    - Memory management tweaked for a better battery life

    - Extra governors & I/O schedulers added

    - Universal Dex support


    Please login to see this link.Please login to see this link.

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