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  • This is the best ROM i have tried on my S7. Many possible settings and customizations. Debloated and open for your own choice from Google play without any forced apps. That is the way i want it. Earlier i was on the SuperStock ROM wich is ended by 2.10. This ROM have the same possibilitys and much more if you want. Hope the development will continue on that way. Thank´s for a very good job :-):thumbsup:

  • Hey pest!

    Thanks so much for your feedback. Really love to hear that :)

    I support this rom at least till an official oreo update arrives. After that possibly not anymore as the s9 will be out and I have no s7 to test (I borrow one to make releases)

    Check out my most recent inventions at the Please login to see this link.  :D:perfect:

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