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Unique Signatures, Wallpapers, Avatars and Co. for everyone

  • Hay guys,

    i want to offer everyone who wish to want one, a only for him/her created unique signature, avatar, wallpaper or other graphic.

    I´m far from beeing a proffesional designer or something, im doing this in my free time and as hobby. So don´t be disappointed if i can´t fullfill every request perfectly.

    How to get one?

    Simply create an answer here in the topic telling me what you wish for.

    Further more, give as much information as you can. It would be nice if you can answer the following points:

    • What kind of graphic e.g. avatar, signature etc. (If you know the dimensions aswell, write them like 1200px x 800px)
    • What you want to see on the graphic (Text, Renders like a Figure, Smartphone, the GD Logo etc.)
    • You got an idea of the colors? Tell me! (Background?)
    • You got an example graphic? Awesome!

    Please be patient, sometimes i got the time to create several graphics on the same day and within a short time, sometimes you will have to wait for it. I won´t forget you.

    Some examples of my work are in the spoiler below ;-)

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