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Note 8 camera ported For Batman all S7 variants and S8 variants

  • Updated to version V1.4 compatible with Last BatMan Rom

    I am proud to present you the Note 8 fully working just for you Batmaners.

    Camera has exactly same quality as S8 one, i hope you enjoy it

    New compared to S8 one:

    - new design

    - Fullscreen camera button

    - New stickers(even taken from Galaxy S8 )

    - You can now create shortcuts to camera modes on home screens

    Changelog V1.4

    - All apk updated to last versions

    - Added some Batstickers


    works, there we have just for S8 front hardware limitation, if you thinkk that:

    Please login to see this attachment.

    this is not fullscreen you are wrong, this is maximum resolution S8 front camere can have.

    S7 have

    Please login to see this attachment.

    as screen ratio is same as front camera resolution

    In rear cameras full screen button works very well


    3D stickers removed as not shown(glasses and hats)

    Video Collage removed as not working

    STill some stupid korean stickers, added some new Bat ones;-)

    Bugs you will tell me

    PS All Dual camera features are not available and never be(Blur, double shot asf)



    Andrea Minervino Amodio and Bulldog74ts

    My team mates

  • fyi, camera shortcuts are also possible on stock S8 camera

    :ndrop: shit dual camera feature is not possible, I love this feature

    Thanks and keep up your great work :thumbsup:B-)

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  • Great thread Great Work by Great People. Thanks for the Amazjng Hardwork you put in. We as Rom users Appreciate. Thanks

    thank you for your kind words, moreover new version will come with new goodies, it will take some time, but i hope you all will be happy:cheeck::cheeck:

  • Using Batman ROM 1.4 (on S7 Edge). When installed this camera mod I just get bootloops.

    Any ideas?

    From _alex_ in the telegram group:

    Note 8 Camera PORT

    Version updated for Batman Rom V1.4 with updated apks and new BatStickers added, (some still korean, too long work)

    Revamped aroma design thanks to Mrhelloyellow

    Please login to see this link.

    Release on grifodev Tomorrow

    Hope you all enjoy?

    Zip as always is for both S7 and S8 devices

    Visit our most recent creations for the S7 and S8 devices at our Please login to see this link.

  • hey thanks for the update. i had a few stickers downloaded before already. now after flashing they're still there and if I choose them, camera fc's. even if I delete and re-download again. any hint? delete cache or data from anything? thx

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